Vasantha Vasal

Vasantha Vaasal ( வசந்த வாசல் ) released in 1996, is a romance movie starring Ilaya Thalabathi Vijay.


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Cast & Crew:

Hero: Vijay
Villain (Anti Hero) : Mansoor Ali Khan
Heroine(s): Swathi
Comedian(s): Vadivelu, Kovai Sarala

Direction: M.R
Story: M.R
Music Director: Maasha

Movie was Released on: April, 1996


Vijay is a young man who comes to Chennai in hopes of becoming a movie star. He finds a room to rent where the house owner is Swathi. Vijay watches movies all the time. After coming home, he mimics the acting skills of various actors. He practises the lines day and night which disturbs Swathi.

Swathi picks a fight with Vijay because she wants him to be quiet. Both of them bicker and quarrel, many times. Both of them eventually fall in love with each other. They have a good time which is noticed by Mansoor Ali Khan, who is Swathi's relative. (© Ali Khan wants to marry Swathi by hook or crook. So he starts plotting schemes to separate Vijay and Swathi. He manages to separate Vijay and Swathi.

Now Vijay must prove his true love to Swathi to get her back!

Tid Bits about Vasantha Vaasal:

1. This was a debut movie for the music director Maasha.

2. This movie showed Vijay's acting skills from the inside, where he rehearses and practises dialogues.

Box Office Collection:

Vasantha Vaasal was not a box office success. It was heavily criticized by the media and is considered a failure.


vasantha vasal is a great movie by ilaya thalabathy . he should act in another film like this

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