Pokkiri ( போக்கிரி ) released in 2007, is an action/gangster movie starring Ilaya Thalabathi Vijay. This movie ran for 175 days in Tamil Nadu, becoming the super blockbuster in 2007.


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Cast & Crew:

Hero: Vijay
Villain: Prakash Raj
Heroine(s): Asin
Comedian(s): Vadivelu, King kong, Vaiyapuri, Dhamu
Other stars: Nassar, Sriman, Anandraj, Napolean, Brinda Parekh, Vincent Asokan

Direction: Prabhu Deva
Story: Puri Jagannadh
Production: S. Ramesh Babu
Editor: Kola Bhaskar
Cinematography: Nirav Shah
Music Director: Mani Sharma

Stunt Director: FEFSI Vijayan

Movie was Released on: January 12, 2007


Tamil (Vijay) is a jobless youth in Chennai, who will maim or kill anyone for money. Tamil hangs out with other jobless youngsters, including his close friend Saravanan (Sriman). Saravanan is the son of Shanmugavel (Nassar) who runs a gymnasium.

Tamil is hired by a local rowdy Narasimhan (Anandraj) to beat up Logesh alias Logu (Subbaraju). Tamil finishes the job successfully by beating Logesh and his men. Impressed by this, Guru (Vincent Asokan) asks Tamil if he wants to become a member of their gang. Their gang is headed by Ali Bhai (Prakash Raj) who lives out of the country and Guru operates the gang locally. Tamil declines the offer.

Tamil spots Shruthi (Asin) one day and falls in love with her because of her beauty. She works out in Shanmugavel's gymnasium. She does not have a father and lives with her mother and a younger brother. The house owner Body Soda (Vadivelu) is romantically inclined towards Shruthi. However, the local Sub Inspector Govindhan (Mukesh Tiwari) tries to coerce Shruthi to get her into a relationship with him. Body Soda is appointed as an overseer of Shruthi by Govindhan.

The gang war between Ali Bhai and Narasimhan escalates. As the rowdyism in Chennai escalates the Commissioner of Police Mohammed Maideen Khan (Napolean) starts cracking down on them. In the mean time, Sub Inspector Govindhan arranges a few thugs to stage a groping of Shruthi to intimidate her. Tamil finds out about this and beats Govindhan up without revealing his identity. He also finds the thugs who groped Shruthi and murders them. Shruthi falls in love with Tamil, however presses him to turn away from his murderous past.

Ali Bhai decides to come to Chennai to finish off Narasimhan and blast a huge bomb to kill a minister. -© tries to hire Tamil for this operation. In the meeting, the commissioner arrests Ali Bhai. While Ali Bhai is interrogated in prison, his gang members take a naked video of Commissioner's daughter and threaten to release it on the internet. Commissioner Mohammed does not know any other way, and releases Ali Bhai. Commissioner's daughter accidentally informs that there is a rat in the gang, and his name is SathyaMurthy.

Ali Bhai traces and finds out SathyaMurthy is an IPS officer who is working undercover as a gangster. He is none other than Tamil. Now, Ali Bhai will use all his strength to finish him off. Tamil must get his revenge for the killing of his real father, who is none other than Shanmugavel.

Did Tamil/Sathyamurthy I.P.S finish off Ali Bhai and his gang? What happened to Sub Inspector Govindhan? Did Shruthi and Tamil finally get married? Watch the movie to find out!!

Tid Bits about Pokkiri:

1. Pokkiri is the biggest blockbuster of IlayaThalabathy next to Ghilli.

2. The 175th day (Silver Jubilee) was celebrated by Vijay Fans Club members in Nehru Stadium in Chennai.

3. This is a remake of a Telugu film titled Pokiri . The movie was further remade in Hindi and Kannada movies.

4. Prabhu Deva appeared in a cameo role dance for the song "Adungada Ennai Suthi"

Box Office Collection:

Pokkiri was a very big commercial success, doubling the profits on the spending. The estimated budget was 11 crore rupees. The revenue earned was more than 22 crores. The movie ran with a full house and completed 50 days of running all the cinema theaters on the first release.


* Vijay was nominated for Filmfare Best Tamil Actor Award
* Vijay received Vijay award for the entertainer of the year
* Vijay received Mathrubumi Award for best tamil actor
* Vijay received Isai Aruvy Best Hero Award
* Prabhu deva received Mathrubumi Best Tamil Director Award
* Pokkiri received Vijay Award for favorite film
* Prabhu deva received Vijay Award for favorite director
* Dinesh received Vijay Award for best choreographer


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